Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Buddies and Pouches

I recently finished two weaving workshops with students at McKelvie Intermediate School, Bedford, NH. It was great fun working with these creative fifth and sixth graders and their very nice art teacher, Mr. Flint!

Students learned weaving techniques that included:
  • warping a loom
  • shag weave
  • plain weave
  • chaining
  • soumak
  • making slits
  • making twisted cord

I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked due to time constraints, but I did get a sampling that should illustrate the activity fairly well.

Workshop 1
The students made woven bookmarks during the first workshop. But these bookmarks had personality. They were book buddies!

Engaged in the process.

These were done on cardboard looms warped with eight threads.

Here we have a finished one - a simplified version.

This was inspired by Erin Hunter's book series Warriors.

Workshop 2
During the second workshop, students created little pouches. This project was a bit more complex, but they did beautiful work nonetheless!

Pouches in progress show slits added to weave cord through.

A close-up. Almost finished!

Making the twisted cord.