Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Buddies and Pouches

I recently finished two weaving workshops with students at McKelvie Intermediate School, Bedford, NH. It was great fun working with these creative fifth and sixth graders and their very nice art teacher, Mr. Flint!

Students learned weaving techniques that included:
  • warping a loom
  • shag weave
  • plain weave
  • chaining
  • soumak
  • making slits
  • making twisted cord

I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked due to time constraints, but I did get a sampling that should illustrate the activity fairly well.

Workshop 1
The students made woven bookmarks during the first workshop. But these bookmarks had personality. They were book buddies!

Engaged in the process.

These were done on cardboard looms warped with eight threads.

Here we have a finished one - a simplified version.

This was inspired by Erin Hunter's book series Warriors.

Workshop 2
During the second workshop, students created little pouches. This project was a bit more complex, but they did beautiful work nonetheless!

Pouches in progress show slits added to weave cord through.

A close-up. Almost finished!

Making the twisted cord.



Michelle Eaton said...

Hi Ann Marie! You might want to pop on over to my blog and take a look at my latest post :)

the enigma said...

hi! lovely blog and cute crafts!

Melonie said...

Could you post directions for the bookmarks? I can try and figure out based on the pictures but more specific instructions would be awesome! I homeschool my 6 yr old daughter - and would love to do some of these weaving crafts with her!

Skimming your site I saw directions for the pm dolls...we will be trying that :)

Melonie said...

You are so incredibly wonderful to send me the directions for this...sadly I did not get the there a way I can email you and then you can reply to me? TIA!!!

Emily said...

very cool!

Amy C said...

these are so cute

Eugenia Gina said...

LIttle tapestry! I love it, I have a big one as a project in college, but this one really suit for my daughter, thank you for showing the process! Gotta make it!

Eugenia Gina said...

oops just read the message before me, could you send me the direction too please, thank you very much!

ArtSparker said...

I like those little characters very much.

yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing.
Super cute craft projects you are on.
I will be back to check on more:)

get zapped said...

What fun! I enjoyed seeing your process and the final pieces. The cat is splendid and the little colorful bag is too cute!

Abz said...

so creative and artsy! :) awesome!!

pupu said...

Hi Ann Marie! ^^*

I love this idea. i did try the simple one that was using words. hehe.

Do come and join my online project yeah: How Are You Today Project. ^^*

yoon see said...

Thanks for your visit!
I hope you can show us some updates when you are less busy!
Happy day!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OH Ann Marie, I wish I was there. Gee this looks like such fun!!! Great fun!!!! I know that the kids must have had a wonderful time. My daughter would love to do something like this. How absolutely awesome!!

yoon see said...

Thanks for keep coming back friend:)
Have a great day!

Alina Chau said...

This is too cute!! Love the idea!

Jessie said...

What a lovely project! I remember learning to weave in school, one of my favourite thigs we did I think! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

Food and Drugs said...

Very funny artwork!

Alina Chau said...

THese are too cue!! I want one of those book buddies!!

dosankodebbie said...

Book Buddy bookmarks! I LOVE this idea! So full of character. Each different from the other. awesome